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Development 2016-2017 of the Fracture Modifier

Here is the newest development video from the Fracture Modifier Development Team!

New FM documentation by JTA!

This is fantastic! The Fracture Modifier Development Team Member JTa did some great work with the documentation. If you need to learn the Fracture Modifier in detail- this is the site you should visit: Fracture Modifier wiki

Fracture Modifier 2.79 is here!

Finaly we finished the newest custom-build based on 2.79. The team worked a lot on features, bugfixes and documentations! Enjoy this new release with: Tearing, Bending, DynamicPaint for Smoke/Dust/Debris, shadow catcher and more! Your Fracture Modifier Development Team! […]

Learn fracturing

So, here is the very 1st and draft version of our learning-site. We are working on newer tutorials for the actual FM versions. Fracture on!

Fracture Helper PIE menu

Great news! Our member JTA started with the development of a „pie menu“ for the fracture modifier build. It will be a duplicate of the addon and maybe gives you a better workflow!