Fracture Modifier (by Martin Felke)

  • Fracture Modifier v2.79 is here!

    by Dennis Fassbaender

  • The Old Mill

    by Hammers

  • Plane crash (breakdown)

    A great presentation by Albin Merle!

  • Tearing

    Tearing is possible with the actual builds (perform merge)

  • Splinter sphere

    A sphere, fractured into z-splinters

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The fracture modifier project was started 2012 as „destructability“ editor by scorpion81.
In over 5 years scorpion81´s work made its way from a script to a complex modifier system.
Its a voronoi cell based fracturing system that extend blenders features with the possiblity to destroy objects.
With an amazing fast prefracturing-algorithm and blenders integrated bullet physics it became an absolut great destruction/demolition simulator – FOR FREE.
Demolitions are important in the film industry. Scorpion81´s fracture modifier is in non-stop development and will give you blender users more awesome features to destroy your scene objects with an amazing speed & workflow!

We have finished a learning-site for you. More actual tutorials and learning videos are in progress.

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