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The fracture modifier was coded in the c-programming language. It is amazing fast and allows you in some cases to change things in realtime.

Clever interface

The FM developers thought much about how to make things as easy as possible. You will find everything well organized in an intuitive user interface - in the modifier itselfs as well as in the helpers-addon.

The best communication

Whenever there are questions, ideas, bugreport, criticism ... We give you a lot of ways to contact us. Its our pleasure to make the things for you possible. Contacting us is possible per email, facebook, forum, etc. Take a look to the social-tab below.

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    Compiling next version 2.78

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    Improving dynamic fracturing

    Will be included in the 2.78 build...

The fracture modifier project was started 2012 as destructability editor by scorpion81.
In over 3 years scorpion81´s work made its way from a script to a complex modifier system.

Its a voronoi cell based fracturing system that extend blenders features with the possiblity to destroy objects.
With an amazing fast prefracturing-algorithm and blenders integrated bullet physics it became an absolut great destruction/demolition simulator - FOR FREE.

Demolitions are important in the film industry. Scorpion81´s fracture modifier is in non-stop development and will give you blender users more awesome features to destroy your scene objects with an amazing speed & workflow!



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In movie productions

The Fracture Modifier has found its way to movie productions. Here we start with a list:

Hardcore Henry

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The Fracture Modifier Developers

  • Martin Felke
    Martin Felke
    Inventor, Coder
  • Dennis Fassbaender
    Dennis Fassbaender
    VFX Artist, PythonCoder
  • Kai Kostack
    Kai Kostack
    Simulations, PythonCoder
  • JTA